SWISS CANNABIS is at the heart of CSWISS®. Our story tells of the art of combining the aroma of an extraordinary plant with black tea. The result is an iced tea with an incomparable taste experience.


The history of CSWISS® begins with the selection of the best variety. SWISS CANNABIS is a special variety that exists in only one place worldwide. It is the result of 15 years of selection with experience and patience. That is why only this variety guarantees the special taste experience of CSWISS®.

The little orange luxury

In Europe, only Switzerland offers the possibility of growing our cannabis plant for the small orange luxury, but under very strict conditions and state control.

This is understandable: Secured by cameras, infrared and mobile phone alarms, our cannabis field sends out a very special explosion of odors hundreds of miles away during its  flowering period.

The flowers give off the aroma

Although our iced tea is absolutely THC-free, it does not get its unique aroma from ordinary hemp, but from the flowers of the female cannabis plant.

Lots of sun – little rain

In the spring, our work starts in the French part of Switzerland (unfortunately we cannot tell you more about the place). Here, our SWISS CANNABIS enjoys the best conditions: much sun and little rainfall (more information can be found in our HEMPOPEDIA).

The weather is decisive

Depending on the weather, our SWISS CANNABIS seeds are sown between April and mid-May. The first plants break through the soil very quickly and reach their leaves up towards the sun.


Cannabis is a wonderful plant. Its beauty alone touches the senses of more attentive people. But until the plant is ready for harvest, it has yet another special feature: Cannabis protects itself from weeds and pests.

Growing without interference

In the five months of growth and maturation, no human interference is necessary, as the plants need no chemistry or pesticides – an important factor for the quality demanded of our product.

What is the trick?

Well, to be honest, we do reach into our bag of tricks of creation and choose a rather nasty one.

Sexual crisis – artificially created

The goal of our 100% natural manipulation is CSWISS CANNABIS female plants. Only female plants produce the most important material for our CSWISS®. With them we artificially create a sexual crisis.

The males must leave

How does this trick work? We cut out all the male shoots from our cannabis field. And how do the female plants react to this? Guess! They try even harder to bloom. And the more intensively they bloom, the better it is for our CSWISS®.

September is harvest time

At the end of September the time has come. The SWISS CANNABIS plants, now more than three meters tall, are in full bloom; the result of their efforts can be smelled throughout a wide area and is the clear signal to begin harvesting.

When is the best time?

A few days of sunshine before and during the harvest are the best prerequisites for a good atmosphere and a good quality harvest. As soon as the weather forecast promises these conditions, we start all preparations and the plants are mechanically cut and chopped.


Now begins the labor-intensive time. The heart of the production process is the distillation plant, which was built in-house and strictly controlled by the Alcohol Board.


Separation as it was 1000 years ago

The resulting separation process using steam is the oldest and at the same time the gentlest method of extracting essential oils.

Tempo? Tempo!

Since the aroma substances from the cut cannabis evaporate quickly, it is important for the quality that the plant cuttings come as quickly as possible into the pressure-tight container.

It’s always about quality

Nevertheless, the resulting amounts remain modest: 1.5 liters of concentrate can be obtained from one ton of cannabis cuttings.

All these things take time

The actual magical process of separation begins when the furnace is fired up. The routine sequence of the individual work steps and the sound of the burning logs create an infectious calm. Everything takes time, any acceleration would result in a loss of quality. The water heats up slowly.

Opening the valve is the start

As soon as the boiler is under sufficient pressure, our distiller opens the valve and the process begins.

Only the finest essential oils

The steam flows through a pipe to the pressure vessel and then through it from the bottom to the top. The steam, which is heated to over 90 degrees, only releases the finest essential oils from the chopped cannabis and sends them upwards.

Cooling for separation

In the capacitor, the process is reversed. The water vapor cools off and is mixed back into water with oil. Because essential oils are lighter than water, they float to the top and can be easily separated.

The result: Liquid SWISS CANNABIS

After three days of work, we hold the result in our hands: Ten liters of liquid SWISS CANNABIS with 400 different ingredients but without the THC – the heart of CSWISS®.